We are an non-profit organisation since 22 July 2022

Artistes du Monde for Kids (AMK) was born to provide services for youngsters and their families independently of their social situations, welcoming for free kids living under precarity to reestablish a certain social justice.  

A key tenant of our multicultural team is the consciousness of both the beauty of Brussels’ diversity and the hard social issues that still highlight the city’s inequality.

Till now, we have been able to do the necessary work thanks to families who could contribute financially to the organization of summer and winter schools, artistic workshops… Thank you to all those who have supported us so far!

Recently, we won a semi-public space in Ixelles and politicians are aware of our work!  With it, we want to continue providing free services for kids and teenagers with (we hope) less financial barriers: to us, art and education are vital elements that can encourage personal growth as well as social cohesion!

Do you want to support us?

We are always looking for volunteers, CONTACT US!

Volunteers for what? Homework school support for kids, administrative support, art workshops support, communication support etc..

Do you want to support us with a donation?

It is possible as well ;) just check the details below or send us an email!